Jerry Shea
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Competent, focused, professional, with...

Highly likely to recommend

Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $475K in the Cathedral City Cove, CA.

  • Negotiation skills:  *****

Competent, focused, professional, with a real understanding of the market and pricing, what it takes to bring in a great buyer for a great property, and the skill and drive to actively manage the escrow and finance process to close. I was the trustee for a property and hired Jerry as the listing agent. Jerry took real ownership of the process from start to close. I was able to delegate to Jerry with confidence that our interests were aligned and details would be handled. The house needed some interior rehab, Jerry brought in great resources on short notice including a top-notch contractor, and he took on the role of hands-on project manager (well above and beyond my expectations) to make it perfect. His photographer took great day and night photos that really captured the essence of the place, which is what actually brought in the buyer. Jerry brought in a great offer, then stayed on top of the escrow details, maintained close communication, we closed in 32 days.