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Vista Las Palmas : Mid-Century Architectural Paradise : Palm Springs, CA

This is a quick video that I shot of the beautiful mid-century modern homes in the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood of Palm Springs, CA. Construction crews have been lining the streets over the past several months as many homeowners are remodeling and, in many cases, taking the homes down to the studs and restoring these architectural works of art back to their original grandeur. Over the years, many homes in the neighborhood have undergone terrible remodels, bastardizing the original intent of the famous architects that designed them. Several of the homes that have recenlty undergone top-to-bottom restorations were purchased as foreclosures or short sales when the real estate market turned negative in the past several years. Property values have soared in the last 6 months and demand for homes in Vista Las Palmas has been far greater than the supply. Homes that sat on the market for months last year have been re-listed and received multiple, over-asking offers on the first day they were re-listed.

The article from The Desert Sun, below the video, is a fun color commentary on Vista Las Palmas and the genius of the famous mid-century modern architects, William Krisel and Charles Dubois and the builders, George and Robert Alexander.

Make sure to click on the links below the video to see pictures and details of the homes that are currently for sale in Vista Las Palmas.

Click Here to see pictures and details of the available homes for sale in Vista Las Palmas.

PALM SPRINGS — Driving through Palm Springs' Vista Las Palmas neighborhood is like driving back in time about 50 years.

The neighborhood of about 550 homes is tucked into the base of Mount San Jacinto. Nearly all of the homes are mid-century modern architecture.

More than just the iconic style of architecture for which Palm Springs has become known, the neighborhood is a piece of art.

The artists? William Krisel, George and Robert Alexander — father and son— of the Alexander Construction Co. and Charles Dubois.

The famed architects, each with a trademark design, put their stamp on the Vista Las Palmas neighborhood.

Years removed from their construction, the vast majority of the homes boast Krisel's “butterfly” roof line, George Alexander's sleek, clean lines or Dubois' A-frame “Swiss Miss” design. read more

Click Here to see pictures and details of the available homes for sale in Vista Las Palmas.